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June 04, 1987

first issue of The Gospel Trumpeter, published by the Church of God, God's Acres


On the evening of April 11, 1987, Brother Emerson Wilson was called from his earthly labors to receive his heavenly reward. Following his death, the June 4 issue of The Gospel Trumpeter was printed in his memory. Truly our loss was Heaven's gain!

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In Memory of Brother Emerson A. Wilson

Online Memorial

In this issue you can read the following articles:
  • "Success Under Adverse Circumstances"
  • "Are You a New Creature?"
  • "Blessed Is He That Watches"
  • "My Presence Will Go With Thee"
  • "Revive Us Again"
  • "Charles Wesley"
  • "Home-Going"
  • "Ode To Our Pastor"
  • Letters From House Representative and Local Mayor
  • India Report
  • Funeral Report


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